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Such an inspiring show did we witness yesterday, powerful performance by all the dancers and most importantly this little one @jaleena_d_rodriguez and what a way to bring the family together #throughdance
What a blessing is having someone out here that understands and commits to this passion as much as I do 💙 that I can call family 🇲🇽@dezi_shines @jaleena_d_rodriguez @jenna.rod_luvz4 Thank you so much for the incredible love and support ✨ my grandpa would be the happiest man alive @blueejeanchic2 look what you did! ❤️You #cousinlove #rodriguez #cousingoals #performan #mchammer #dancers #family


  • 57w ago rainscarfordrelanim rainscarfordrelanim

  • 57w ago yagirlmazy yagirlmazy

    No way this little one is fam of yours! They did an amazing job ☺️💛

  • 57w ago blueejeanchic2 blueejeanchic2

    Aww love you ❤️😘! God did it babe ! It's all him! I'm so proud of both of you !! This is so amazing!! Never give up on your dreams! 😘 please let us know when we can come see you girls ! It's just the beginning of where god is taking you girls! Cousin love ! Rodriguez ❤️family ! Forever ! @jaleena_d_rodriguez

  • 57w ago iamandrea__ iamandrea__

    @officiallyz omg yeeeesss I know!! ❤️❤️❤️ she is so full out!!! Miss you Marianaaa

  • 57w ago iamandrea__ iamandrea__

    @blueejeanchic2 will do tia!!! Soon ! Very soon !!!! We are about to start things together ❤️😊🤘🏼 so excited !!!! Actually I have a question , wait for my message 🤒

  • 57w ago jaleena_d_rodriguez jaleena_d_rodriguez

    I am so happy you made it out yesterday that honestly means the world to me💗Family is everything and I am so happy we both love dance you inspire me so much and I am so thankful for you😽♥️ #itsarodriguezthing #cousinlove

  • 57w ago texaswest_ texaswest_

    Awwww!!! This is sooo crazy! I knew I connected with you all at different times and had no clue you all were family! I love it! Love you guys! Dope family😍😘🖤 @jaleena_d_rodriguez @creative_visionary

  • 57w ago jaleena_d_rodriguez jaleena_d_rodriguez

    @blueejeanchic2 Thank you so much❤️Love you guys so much! Family is everything😘I trust Gods plan

  • 57w ago iamandrea__ iamandrea__

    @texaswest_ you know @jaleena_d_rodriguez !???? 😭😵❤️ we just found out not too long ago we are related 🤘🏼 its amazing how life leads you to people ☝🏼✨ love you too @texaswest_ 😘😘😘 you are the sweetest 🙏🏼

  • 57w ago wooterapparel wooterapparel

    Do you need custom uniforms or apparel?

  • 57w ago jenna.rodriguez_ jenna.rodriguez_

    Thank you for supporting my baby love ❤️ It brings comfort to know she has blood with her throughout her journey 😘You two are about to share some pretty amazing things!


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