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Day 104.
Today's run took place during the 3rd annual Freedom Run in Fairmont, a 5k (and 10K) that raises awareness about the dangers of sex trafficking. I arrived hoping to find someone to share the run with. I found Cyndi there and after chatting for a bit, we decided to run together.
Cyndi and I don't know each other well, but we have known each other for a while through the Community Bible Study community in Fairmont. They meet at Grace each week during the school year and when I worked there, I got to see them every Wednesday.
Cyndi says she 'dabbles' in running. She ran her first mile on May 31, and ran her first 3.1 miles last week, both as part of cross fit. Today was her first ever race.
Cyndi has been doing cross fit since January of this year. It is part of the many different exercise regimens she has given a shot over the years. She's tried just about everything, citing the aerobics boom that took place in the 80's.
Cyndi and I ran together during the first mile of the race, and when she finished, she told me she probably wouldn't have started as fast as we did if I hadn't been there. That happens so often - it isn't always easy to tell who is pushing who. I apologized, but she didn't mind - it had still gone well.
I am constantly in awe of all the intricacies of running - things like I mentioned earlier about not knowing who is pushing who. They aren't required knowledge for beginners, just things you start noticing when you have been running for a while.
Thanks for the run Cyndi - keep on dabbling! 🏃🏻‍♀️


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