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Kawaii Poo Die Cut Memo
Does this guy have a name?
Swipe for more designs.
I love the rainbow 🌈
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  • 65w ago sallygirl2 sallygirl2

    I'm not normally a fan of these mini pads,, but that one is awesome!!

  • 65w ago funswaps funswaps

    @sallygirl2 I think this is the only memo I have like it. I don't normally either. Not sure if I'm keeping or selling yet.

  • 65w ago kawaiigrrr kawaiigrrr


  • 65w ago zombiebunnykawaii zombiebunnykawaii

    Me plz

  • 65w ago sandra.namm sandra.namm

    Sooo cute!!

  • 64w ago cyber_slumberparty cyber_slumberparty

    I'd love to buy if you sell

  • 61w ago rainyday887 rainyday887

    Kamio usually calls him unko chan (cute poo). But I've seen the same name to describe any poo character from other brands too.

  • 59w ago starfacedesigns starfacedesigns

    I would love a rainbow poo pad if you have any more available!

  • 35w ago kimmieteresa kimmieteresa

    Hi, would you be willing to sell your rainbow poo memo?

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