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Still happy about this EAT ART event at the "sommergalerie" from @kunsthandel_anne_uhrlandt .
I had the chance to make a culinary interpretation of the "paintings" of Simon James @simjam33 . He created and developed his very own way of "painting". Using his body for the wild style painting, working with many layers, then removing them partly, letting come the downsides up by sanding the surface....Sometimes he destroys his artwork and cuts little "cells" out, asking the visitors to create a new artwork on the wall by putting the cells were they want to. At the end everyone was invited to choose his favourite cell and take it to his hometown. Spread art and love. 🍐
This is my first course: an earthy beetroot pear soup with drips of coconut milk, some scratches in the surface (a further technique of Simon) and dried flowers. The soup has been served in an rectangular bowl, to make it look like an artwork. I destroyed the artwork when I filled the soup into the glasses. More pics will follow. See also link in bio.
Thank you Anne for the invitation, thank you Simon for being such an inspiration, thank you Vincent Fricke @vincentfricke for the tableware and cooking plate and thank you Sandra Singh for the wonderful photos!

Picture: @sandra_singh
#simonjames #gesso #eatart


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