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  • 36w ago fobjamie fobjamie

    Especially when one of them is bucky barnes

  • 36w ago all_things_fiction_ all_things_fiction_

    You know what, honestly this is so true

  • 36w ago emilyak06 emilyak06

    Imagining me, Sam, and Dean all sitting around in footy PJs, or cute little tank tops and short shorts with fuzzy slippers gossiping with Supernatural on in the background

  • 36w ago eden_lagziel eden_lagziel

    This would actually be pretty messy 😂😂😂😂

  • 36w ago alyssaohmes alyssaohmes

    If all of my favorite tv show characters were in one place (not just spn, but Vampire Diaries, Dexter, True Blood etc.), there would be death... or maybe some loving lmao (hunters. werewolves, vampires, serial killers, cops, etc.)

  • 36w ago kodydeleo kodydeleo


  • 36w ago got_kitharington got_kitharington

    So let's see :Winchester brothers,Salvatore brothers plus Klaroline plus Elena ,Derek and Mark,Sherlock and John,Jon Snow and Arya,Ragnar,Jace and Alec,Stiles,Wolfgagn.Yep definitely a massacre

  • 35w ago little_baby_cass little_baby_cass

    I think i would die within the next week bc its the winchesters, and castiel. Whoever meets them dies within a week😂

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