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Join us soon for worship, training, and connection. @michaelfarren @michael_neale @travisryan @dsworship and many others will be there to encourage your entire worship team. @weareworshipusa


  • 48w ago michaelfarren michaelfarren

    Can't wait! 🙌

  • 48w ago danpcd danpcd

    @paulbaloche How I wish I could see you while you are here!!

  • 48w ago yoitsmoe31 yoitsmoe31

    Woo hoo!!!!!!

  • 48w ago enockouame enockouame

    I Guess it's in english because it's for Usa. Je suppose que c'est encore pour la conférence au États-Unis c'est pour quoi c'est en anglais !? 😊😉

  • 48w ago crowtherv crowtherv

    BLESSINGS on all your work for the Lord. . . .

  • 44w ago johan_chandler johan_chandler

    Hai I wish I could see you while you are there!! I don't know 😊😉🎸🎼🎶🎵📟📲📱

  • 36w ago eugene.harper.71 eugene.harper.71

    God saves

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