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  • 48w ago auryn.hs auryn.hs

    No, always feel a bit awkward while doing that.

  • 48w ago duende007 duende007

    Not really, it's a necessary evil 😐.

  • 48w ago taciturn.lackey taciturn.lackey

    @duende007 seriously

  • 48w ago taciturn.lackey taciturn.lackey

    @auryn.hs same. I always feel a bit disingenuous even though I'm supposed to be talking myself up.

  • 48w ago oncetherewasgreg oncetherewasgreg

    My father told me that if you feel a bit cringey while writing an application or cover letter then you're doing it right.

  • 48w ago taciturn.lackey taciturn.lackey

    @oncetherewasgreg Then this cover letter is going to be awesome 😅

  • 48w ago vanarts7 vanarts7

    I don't think anyone likes it. However, I've been looking for a new job opportunity lately and surprised to see that many companies nowadays seem to drop this formality. I myself never find this letter necessary. Recruiters read a profile in maximum a minute, hence an impressive first page of a resume is sufficient.

  • 48w ago blueskiesncoffee blueskiesncoffee

    Cover letters and CVs stress me out because I was never one to toot my own horn and preferred to show my skills through a resume, interview, or work. I hope the person above me is right and that people are dropping the cover letters

  • 48w ago scrively scrively

    @van.cle I found the same. Some companies even actively discourage it, saying the skills are evident from the cv. I guess noone wants to read many things in already tight time schedules

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