Instagram post by @kymvz Kym van Zanten

When your sister leaves you stranded at the train station to go to the bar....


  • 57w ago deshaneroppo deshaneroppo

    Enjoy the scenery🤣

  • 57w ago salmonhead57 salmonhead57

    Well of course in Europe nearly every station has one. We are no longer a civilized place.

  • 57w ago nsmertes nsmertes

    I believe the sister said to you my dear and hope to see you soon😘😘

  • 56w ago coachmturk coachmturk

    Wait... Mendota... Train station... isn't there a selection of bars just across the street?

  • 56w ago kymvz kymvz

    @coachmturk Exactly! I was stuck waiting for my train when she headed to the Elks!


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