Instagram post by @trentoncookebjj Trenton "Botinha" Cooke

Really happy and excited to have some of my friends and students from my time in Maryland up. They drove up to hang out and train. They got to see my academy and train and got them some NY Pizza. Went hiking at Stony Point and showed them views of the Hudson and West Point. Today we took them up to train at Blackhole Jiu Jitsu and they got to roll with my first instructor. Now they are all off to college. Hope to see you guys soon! #bjj #bjjfamily #jiujitsu #lostempireherbs #invertedgear #thornwoodbjj #blackholebjj #jiujitsuforeveryone #jiujitsuvibes #newyork #thornwood #bjjglobetrotters #pandanation


  • 48w ago hannanderso hannanderso

    Thanks for having us I had a great time 😁 see you soon!!

  • 48w ago emily_orr16 emily_orr16

    Thank you again!! Will def have to come up again

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