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Instagram post by @mother_freckle Sammi-Jo

I'm certain the kids will sleep tonight. Today we took them to @chesterzoo and bloody ell if they don't then I have no idea what to do! I have been there so many times but today was absolutely amazing. We had my parents to help out and it is definitely the way forward! It meant that I could spend some time with this one just me and her and had extra hands when legs got tired. I haven't been to the zoo for over a year and so was very happy to se new Madagascar play area where we could leave her play on the HUGE slides, climbing frames and sand pit while we had a cuppa. We also had a family favourites guided tour which was absolutely ace. Now pass me a drink and get me my fluffy slippers on. I need a rest! What have you been up to today? You can catch up with our day on my stories and don't forget to Swipe left for more pics! #LetsPayChesterZoo #ChesterZoo


  • 31w ago rubbastuff rubbastuff

    Sounds like a great day. Sleep? You might just be building up their stamina!

  • 31w ago mrsshellers mrsshellers

    Ah its our local hang out! We're really lucky to have it on out doorstep!

  • 31w ago annajo57 annajo57

    Ahhh!! We were there as well today!! Did you see the lionesses on their backs sunbathing?

  • 31w ago iamalisonperry iamalisonperry

    I've heard brilliant things about Chester Zoo!

  • 31w ago mummyadventure mummyadventure

    It sounds ace!

  • 31w ago mothership.mcr mothership.mcr

    Ahhh I bloody love Chester zoo, glad you had a fun day and saw @confession_mum 😍 Xx

  • 31w ago mother_freckle mother_freckle

    It was so good! I spotted her a mile off haha @the.mothership.x

  • 31w ago mother_freckle mother_freckle

    @iamalisonperry I've been going since I was little but it's recently had so much put into it! I am shattered now πŸ˜‚πŸ˜„

  • 31w ago mother_freckle mother_freckle

    @annajo57 was you? Yes they were snoozing away this morning! Did you spot the baby rhino and giraffes? So cute!

  • 31w ago mother_freckle mother_freckle

    @mrsshellers do you go often? I love it there but do not go often enough xx

  • 31w ago mother_freckle mother_freckle

    @rubbastuff bloody ell I didn't think about that haha!

  • 31w ago mother_freckle mother_freckle

    @gingermumblog oh that sounds far more lush xx

  • 31w ago mother_freckle mother_freckle

    @kelly_gaston its a proper day full too make sure you pack a picnic! Xx

  • 31w ago mother_freckle mother_freckle

    @teddy_and_mabel I am! But I booked it about 2 months back and forgot it was the day after the PIGNIC! I want to sleep but I'm far too hungry to sleep! Xx

  • 31w ago mother_freckle mother_freckle

    @shopbyonemamaoneshed as soon as we walked to the elephants I spotted her haha! We was being proper buffs doing a guided tour! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  • 31w ago mother_freckle mother_freckle

    @daniellee.93 I am very kuchen hoping for one of those days tomorrow! Sounds perfect! We are all exhausted. Time for a take away I think πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

  • 31w ago mother_freckle mother_freckle

    @stephyulefraser NEVER??? That is such a cool job! Do you get to go whenever you want? I know Mike would love to be a zoo keeper.... I would too if I'm honest haha! Xx

  • 31w ago mother_freckle mother_freckle

    @whatkatysaiduk its one of my absolute faves and is from @motherslovefashion its so easy to breastfeed in xx

  • 31w ago mrsshellers mrsshellers

    @mother_freckle we've got an annual pass so i usually avoid school holidays but we usually got for a walk around every couple of weeks but the kids love the new play areas especially the sand! X

  • 31w ago mother_freckle mother_freckle

    Oh we love Chester and Chester zoo! It really is such a nice place to visit. We even went as college students to watch the chimps for a psychology lesson haha! Xx

  • 31w ago mother_freckle mother_freckle

    @confession_mum I was just stalking you clearly! Did you bump into Jodie? Xx

  • 31w ago mother_freckle mother_freckle

    @mcrmother did I spot you went yesterday? Xx

  • 31w ago mother_freckle mother_freckle

    @mylife_witholiviaandjacob how did it go? I took Flo and the baby last week in my own to watch boss baby and it went quite well... I was pleasantly surprised haha!

  • 31w ago daniellee.93 daniellee.93

    @mother_freckle fingers crossed for a day of relaxing for you🀞🏻maybe put hotel Transylvania on πŸ™Šoo take away? Which type?😳 I asked for a Chinese tonight but my husband wasn't too keen😩 so Chicago town pizza had to doπŸ™ˆπŸ™„β€οΈx x

  • 31w ago annajo57 annajo57

    Hairdressers after eight long weeks this morning, went this afternoon, did you try the cafe? Lasagne and chilli worth every penny!! Love the babies, womb is glowing every time I'm near them πŸ˜‚ highlight was the red panda this time xx

  • 31w ago confession_mum confession_mum

    @mother_freckle no I didn't see her. I've totally made it now I've got my own stalker - yes! πŸ™ŒπŸ» xx

  • 31w ago mylife_witholiviaandjacob mylife_witholiviaandjacob

    @mother_freckle we went to see despicable me 3 i expected him to be running around everywhere but he loved it and never moved x you was brace going on your own I took backup!!

  • 31w ago mcrmother mcrmother

    @mother_freckle we went a couple of weeks ago. I can't believe how good it was. X

  • 31w ago modernlittlepeople modernlittlepeople

    We need to go looks brilliant. Dexter would totally loose his sh*t when he sees the Madagascar play area. X

  • 31w ago mummy_to_j_ mummy_to_j_

    @mother_freckle looks like you had a fab time, we love Chester zoo! We popped into Chester city centre today for a mooch around! X

  • 31w ago stephyulefraser stephyulefraser

    @mother_freckle Yep, we practically live there! Our two year old knows all of the elephant's names and thinks she owns the place! It's such a cool and interesting job, he loves it 😊

  • 31w ago youbabymemummy youbabymemummy

    Aww I used to love Chester zoo x

  • 31w ago letstalkmommy letstalkmommy

    The baby giraffe is so cute

  • 31w ago mollyjforbes mollyjforbes

    Love the pic of the two of you!

  • 31w ago sophobsessed sophobsessed

    Your pictures look wonderful

  • 31w ago emmaplusthree emmaplusthree

    We love Chester Zoo. We went a couple of months ago x

  • 31w ago northernmam northernmam

    Ah we're going next week and can't wait 😊 love it there @mother_freckle πŸ¦‡πŸ¦‡πŸ¦‡

  • 31w ago tobyandroo tobyandroo

    I love Chester Zoo

  • 31w ago kikiblahblah kikiblahblah

    I want to steal that baby giraffe πŸ‘€

  • 30w ago sarah_condy sarah_condy

    Love the elephants bumping bums 😍

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