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BB CAKES, ITS UR DAY! 🎉 Im so glad i get to spend it with you! You are one of the best friends I was lucky enough to make in London, a true keeper. Always worried, interested in anything happening in my life, making me laugh, learn.. there is no bad time next to you. Six months of friendship that feels like so much more!! You are amazing and beautiful inside and out Gil! Know that you conquered a really special place in my heart.. And its gonna stay there, no matter where life takes us! Cheers to you! To a new year full of good surprises, health, success and love! Hope I can be by yourside thru all these happy moments.
Love you, the Paris to my Nicole! Wish you all the best this world can give!! Have the best birthday ever! Time for celebrationnnn ❤️🇺🇸🇧🇷


  • 36w ago gbrody812 gbrody812

    love yoouuu babycakes ♥️ so happy with you by my side 😚

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