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Two posts ago I said the next post will have a video thumbnail and a special giveaway. I know I should be doing that but I wanted to take a break and clean/sort/Update in the LEGO room. πŸ‘€ Within an hour I got halfway through the 16 CMF series I wanted to prop up on the bookshelf! That's great but some have gone missing. I'll get them back eventually but at least they have spacers. 😎 no I don't plan to collect every CMF, but it's nice to see how far along I've gone. Atlantis and aqua raiders will be on the two top shelves when propped up. πŸŽ₯ as for the video....I'm 1/5 of the way through editing it which in a day or two is good progress. But I need to switch to my computer for a better system. πŸ’» #lego #maniac4bricks #legocmf


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