Instagram post by @friend_assembly Sarah Schreiber

Happy Friday Friends! In honor of the most glorious day of the week, I am starting a weekly series called, " Make A Friend Friday "
Every Friday by 9 AM (west coast/best coast time) , I will post a pic of a Faceplanter babe. "But Sarah, you always post pictures of Faceplanter babes! How is this time any different?!" Well, hold on and I'll tell ya insta-friend. This time I'll be searching for a friend whose face matches a featured Faceplanter..., as demonstrated by the magical Ron Swanson/ @nickofferman here.
Tag a friend who you think is the doppelgΓ€nger of my ceramic bebe by 6pm that Friyay- (your friend must have a public Instagram where I can clearly see a pic of their face).
I will enlist a panel of very serious judges to help decide on the best look
alike !!! The winner will be featured in a post like this on Friday night and receive their doppelgÀnger for freeeee from meeee!! Stay tuned next Friday morning to see which Faceplanter is twinning with their new friend!! 😝😜😝😜😝😜😝😜😝😜


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