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Hey guys! I had some time to sit down today and do another 'group' reading. This reading is going to be very generalized since it deals with a large group of people - but I have messages for you!

The Hierophant deals with society and it's rules - however today - he is asking you to lay down roots of your own so that you may release old 'leaves' in preparation for new growth. The Hierophant also asks you to commune with nature today. If you don't have nature readily around you - bring it inside. Buy a plant, collect the falling leaves from trees - basically make your own nature to commune with. It's difficult these days to ground yourself with nature because of the hustle and bustle of the world - but it can be done. The Hierophant is also asking you to question your beliefs about your place in society today. Are you part of fruitful structures or negative structures? He asks for you to see and know your truth - and integrate that knowledge into your daily life.

Sending you all Love and Light! <3

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