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Instagram post by @jennyeveryday Jenny Holiday

It's GIVEAWAY time! Today I'm teaming up with my super sweet and mega talented friend @valeriemckeehan of @lilyandval to give away a copy of her Keepsake Kitchen Diary. This book is full of Val's beautiful hand lettering and darling illustrations. And it's packed with all sorts of useful tables (including a quick guide for cooking times for all the different grains!), calorie guides, tips on spices & herbs, cooking temps for certain foods, measuring equivalents, etc. There are six different sections for writing in your own recipes, taking notes, and even spaces to record special memories. It's super easy to enter the giveaway. Just follow me and @valeriemckeehan and in the comments below tell me your favorite recipe to cook, bake, or favorite cocktail to mix. (Just the name, not the whole recipe😉) I'll choose a winner Sunday night, Aug.13th 🍰🍪🥞🌮🍝🥐 ✨GIVEAWAY CLOSED✨ The winner has been contacted. Thank you all so much for entering!! I LOVED reading all about your fave things to make, bake, mix! 😘💕💕


  • 27w ago kristenmklump kristenmklump

    Ohh! Lasagna hands down. Course the good NY Italian kind my family recipe.

  • 27w ago the_yellow_cookie_jar_ the_yellow_cookie_jar_

    Sugar cookies 💘

  • 27w ago thedazzlingd thedazzlingd

    My grandmother's flan

  • 27w ago yamile_journal yamile_journal

    Oh, i like to bake cakes and one of my favorites is chocolate cake. They are delicious 👌😊

  • 27w ago petalsandspice petalsandspice

    Quiche, I love making pie crusts.

  • 27w ago whimsicalwoodland whimsicalwoodland

    Breakfast Casserole

  • 27w ago naturesmyfriend naturesmyfriend

    Greatest team ever

  • 27w ago icsnopeaple icsnopeaple

    Italian sausage and tortellini soup

  • 27w ago kelseydavisdesign kelseydavisdesign

    Ooooh man I love making all things Mexican. Guac black beans, tequila! 😏👏🏻

  • 27w ago dedajc91 dedajc91

    Carrot cake jam! 🥕

  • 27w ago jamiegathright04 jamiegathright04

    My Great-Grandmothers Chicken and Dumplings 😍🤤

  • 27w ago bienewalcrafts bienewalcrafts

    Always the 🌮! Or anything Mexican, Tex-Mex, or in that vein. I love to experiment, especially as a novice cook!

  • 27w ago jennifer_hutson jennifer_hutson

    Pumpkin Cupcakes w/ Maple Cream Cheese Icing🤗

  • 27w ago sylvie.vincent.1654 sylvie.vincent.1654

    I am French and what I love cooking is "escargots" (snails). Delicious !.

  • 27w ago letras.by.pam letras.by.pam

    Zucchini lasagna

  • 27w ago cass_eb cass_eb

    Snickerdoodles :)

  • 27w ago manu.bindra manu.bindra

    Chicken biryani

  • 27w ago blendingbybetty blendingbybetty


  • 27w ago floralfantasynails floralfantasynails

    My favorite is this vintage cookie recipe called gateaux bonbon.

  • 27w ago candelles candelles


  • 27w ago brad1beau brad1beau

    My no bake Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies....a tradition every Christmas in our family.

  • 27w ago jessicapearl jessicapearl

    Always a winner is a sticky date pudding recipe passed on from a friend.

  • 27w ago marisadf20 marisadf20

    Hiker's Goulash! It's not even a goulash, more like a stew, but it's been in my family for a long time 💕

  • 27w ago dianashabanpoor dianashabanpoor

    Carmel cupcake

  • 27w ago siolajaygardner siolajaygardner

    Apple crumble and custard! 🍎

  • 27w ago francina10 francina10

    My mother's cheesecake recipe.

  • 27w ago mamabearjem mamabearjem

    Homemade marshmallows. Especially around christmas.

  • 27w ago lovenestcreative lovenestcreative

    Texas Yum Yum Cake 💗

  • 27w ago captain_kaytee captain_kaytee

    I definitely need to work on learning to cook more things but I love to bake and make cocktails! I make my own signature version of a margarita and call it a Kayteerita 💃🏻🍹

  • 27w ago em_ann_92 em_ann_92

    Homemade sugar cookies ( my grandma's recipe) at Christmas time! Simple but delish

  • 27w ago louise_at_elsiemayandbertha louise_at_elsiemayandbertha

    My favourite recipe to cook is carrot and celery with tagliatelle. It's just onions, sliced carrot and celery, a bit of garlic and tomato puree and water. Delicious.

  • 27w ago blueprintbotanicals blueprintbotanicals

    Chocolate pecan pie 🖤

  • 27w ago vinatle77 vinatle77

    Thanks to YouTube, I learned how to make seared ribeye with garlic vinaigrette dressing. I love making it for my picky family!

  • 27w ago kawigirl808 kawigirl808

    Butter mochi

  • 27w ago reganasaur reganasaur

    Love making chocolate avocado cake 🎂

  • 27w ago jenjaben jenjaben

    Pop Tarts, any flavor

  • 27w ago jenniferjosephson jenniferjosephson

    Disappearing Marshmallow Brownies. So good!

  • 27w ago harrytenshilling harrytenshilling

    We own and operate a tearoom in Canada. So I love to make blueberry scones. Served with Devon cream and preserves.

  • 27w ago jennyeveryday jennyeveryday


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