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  • 53w ago aponteanthony.official aponteanthony.official

    @_pi.mp_ they don't

  • 4w ago dematy._ dematy._

    Helpful and shit but what do I do when someone I can tell is fake starts talking to me , cause I don't wanna be rude and start shit but I'm just trying mind my own business oml

  • 4w ago capribaby01 capribaby01

    @isolationdema lmao you should reply back but just don’t get attached nor make friends with them🤷🏽‍♀️

  • 4w ago dematy._ dematy._

    @capribaby01 thanks

  • 3w ago creyenteamor creyenteamor

    @isolationdema i was thinking of doing the same thing like sitting alone at lunch and crap

  • 3w ago dematy._ dematy._

    @creyenteamor shiiiiiit giant fucking mood

  • 3w ago creyenteamor creyenteamor

    @isolationdema right , like im really not about to talk to people imma just find like a desk to sit in alone and just listen to music , eat and that’s all but on my own cause tbh everyone fake now and what’s the point on having friends when they not even gonna stick by your side years later , not even be on your side when your married cause it’s a busy life out in the REAL WORLD tbhhhh

  • 3w ago aponteanthony.official aponteanthony.official

    @isolationdema Find a way to let them know its just not gonna work. Fake people are easy to deal with hard to avoid or just stay to yourself. I'm in 11 grade now I've actually found loyal friends and besties not everyone is gonna be fske.

  • 1w ago life.sentenced life.sentenced

    Hey gamer


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