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And just as they start to arrive, the ☀️ comes out. It's a sign - must be.

Get sharing your #GlossyboxUK moments lovelies x

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  • 53w ago

    Really pleased with my box this month, love my essence palette, so pretty💙

  • 53w ago roxannevalkyrie roxannevalkyrie

    Loved my box this month!

  • 53w ago nicstick86 nicstick86

    @veronika_kurowski eyeshadow?

  • 53w ago nicstick86 nicstick86

    @hazelsilv essence case? I had the dry shampoo too & that brand does nothing good for the hair!

  • 53w ago nicstick86 nicstick86

    @janef40000 me too!

  • 53w ago bexterking bexterking

    Love love loved my box this month! That's 2 boxes in a row that have been totally fab. 😙

  • 53w ago nicstick86 nicstick86

    I want the essence case!! Not awful dry shampoo and a random face mist! I ended up ordering a new subscription last month by mistake and several of my items were different from my regular subscription!! Even the card was different! Why?!

  • 53w ago emzo29 emzo29

    Love my box this month thank you ❤️

  • 53w ago msshelleycurtis msshelleycurtis

    Loved the box the contents everything. Can't wait to try them all out now 😎

  • 53w ago beckle17 beckle17

    I got a face mist that I won't use (don't use the gym), a bronzer that I won't use (I'm super pale), my third dry shampoo in 5 months, and a lip pencil I won't use (it's too dark for my pale skin). @glossyboxuk Our profiles clearly aren't being taken into account and after months of giving it one more chance I've finally cancelled. I've been a subscriber for almost 3 years so it's a huge shame but no point continuing to pay for a box and 1/2 items a month! Sticking with @birchboxuk from now on

  • 53w ago ashley_lou ashley_lou

    @glossyboxuk super happy with my box its the best one yet. Thank you!😍😍

  • 53w ago stef2030 stef2030

    @glossyboxuk ..... anything to say to your unhappy customers??

  • 53w ago w119621 w119621

    Love my box!!! Special lip pencil! ❤️

  • 53w ago 123clarrie 123clarrie

    @glossyboxuk my glossy box was fab this month but i am missing my dry shampoo what do I do ? X

  • 53w ago littleaddo littleaddo

    @stef2030 same, maybe people who've been subscribed longer get the better boxes 🙄

  • 53w ago ambernectar87 ambernectar87

    Love my GlossyBoxes but hate the latest dry shampoo and conditioner- it just makes my hair greasier 👎🏼

  • 53w ago samantha8829xx samantha8829xx what's the essence palette!?

  • 53w ago samantha8829xx samantha8829xx

    Definitely cancelling, my friend also has glossybox and she always has more products than me!

  • 53w ago pocket_size90 pocket_size90

    @glossyboxuk super pleased with my glossy box this month and actually one of my favourites. I got all of the goodies and I love my @sportfxcosmetics mist 🙏🏼

  • 53w ago shaunaloumurr shaunaloumurr

    @glossyboxuk I got the mist and Im happy about it, especially as I am heading on holiday tomorrow so it will help keep my make up from sliding off. I have hundreds of eye shadows so its nice to try something new that perhaps I wouldnt pick up in a shop normally.

  • 53w ago stef2030 stef2030

    @littleaddo possibly....unfair tho as we all pay the same amount 😔

  • 53w ago hettylovesfood hettylovesfood

    This months box was by far my favourite of the year! 💋

  • 53w ago hettylovesfood hettylovesfood

    @ashley_lou I think so too! I love it. I think it's the best box of the year so far💋

  • 53w ago suziegalvinx suziegalvinx

    Check out my story, by far the best box of the year!!!🌺⭐️ @glossyboxuk

  • 53w ago apandaharper apandaharper

    @stef2030 I was actually quite pleased with my box this month as I could use everything but the last few months haven't been great. I have a pixie cut and keep receiving products that are only suitable for long hair and I got a hair band in the last one and some cheap macaron lip gloss which looked like it came out of a childs pretend make up kit. I've also received a face massage brush 2 months in a row. I've given quite a bit away. The profiles need to be more detailed so that people actually receive products they can make use of. I've been considering cancelling too and going to another company. Oh

  • 53w ago kellyneeson kellyneeson

    @glossyboxuk this is only my second box and I LOVE it!! 😍

  • 53w ago tasharichardson1677 tasharichardson1677

    I LOVE this month's box and the colour is beautiful... I love playing with the beads in the palette ha x

  • 53w ago mrs_elmay mrs_elmay

    What is in the august box does any1 kno plz... I haven't received mine yet 😳🇨🇮

  • 53w ago jess_deliaa jess_deliaa

    Best one so far💖

  • 53w ago rhiannegray rhiannegray

    @glossyboxuk the safari sun bronzer isn't talc free as advertised in the box as it says on the ingredients list it has talc in

  • 53w ago charley_sw_ charley_sw_

    @123clarrie I would be grateful. It's horrendous and makes your hair look greasy. It doesn't work like the normal dry shampoo.

  • 53w ago thelondonpetsitter thelondonpetsitter

    Such a pretty design 😍💜🙌🏼

  • 52w ago katewhelan katewhelan

    I've just subscribed I really hope I get the eyeshadows 🙏💅🏻

  • 52w ago thetwodarlings thetwodarlings

    It must be!!


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