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Round 1 of making the shift and the results are in! 🤓Shift in the mindset: been able to push through those negative thoughts that I have during my workouts. The one that said "ok you had enough continue tomorrow"....nope you finish the workout today! 💪🏽Shift in fitness: wow! I went from using 5 lbs to sometimes 10 just using 10lb by the last week.
Now I have to go back to the store and get 15 lb for round 2! 😬Shift in nutrition: eliminating all starch carbs and grains and in week 3 remove all carbs together. Not easy but worth it! 😯Shift in my body: gaining arms muscles and loosing a lb from waist. Progress not perfection! 😜Making the shift is pretty challenging. Staying on tracks with the meals and not giving up while u workout!
Is all about discipline! 😝
You want to know how u can make the shift?
Message me I'll be starting round 2 August14! 🙊
With personal coach and cool prices!
Looking for 10 ladies that want to make the shift! Hurry up capacity is limited! 😱☺️💪🏽❤️
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