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Dear valerian.. do your thing. 🙏😘 #anxietybegone #lemmesleep!


  • 66w ago jillywn jillywn

    Does it seem to work well? Been thinking of getting some.

  • 66w ago playsintraffic2 playsintraffic2

    2 am and getting ready to pull out the melatonin because anxiety is not letting me sleep

  • 66w ago poesygirl poesygirl

    Hope it helped! Have you tried Lithium or GABA? If I take melatonin it gives me horrible dreams and nightmares.

  • 66w ago gigglingstreak gigglingstreak

    I've used that in the worst of days ~ takes 2, 3 days to get enough in your system then smooth sailing ~ for me at least. Seems to contain plenty of effitall! Best to you ~

  • 66w ago _ashleystory _ashleystory

    Are you supposed to take this every night before bed? I am very interested in how this will work!

  • 66w ago peridotquaintrelle peridotquaintrelle

    Love valerian! I like it in a tea blend or as a tincture and I almost always use it with skullcap. Lifesaver.

  • 66w ago conjurenjoy conjurenjoy

    That stuff gives me nightmares..😟

  • 66w ago treetalker treetalker

    @jynxdakat it's worked for me in the past. It usually takes about 20-30 minutes to kick in, but last night it didn't do too much. It kind of muffled the anxiety. I'm gonna try again tonight!

  • 66w ago treetalker treetalker

    @playsintraffic2 I am hoping it will get better after the eclipses.. 😧

  • 66w ago treetalker treetalker

    @poesygirl I haven't tried those yet! Melatonin makes it SO hard for me to wake up!! It takes me hours to get out of bed after melatonin!

  • 66w ago treetalker treetalker

    @gigglingstreak good to know! I've used it in the past, and noticed benefits, but last night it only muffled the anxious voices. 😅 I'll try again tonight and maybe in a few days they will be silenced!

  • 66w ago treetalker treetalker

    @_ashleystory I think so! It says it's good for daily use when not paired with alcohol or other sedatives. I've liked it in the past!

  • 66w ago treetalker treetalker

    @peridotquaintrelle I've made a tea from it! The taste is interesting.. but it's been worth it. I may have created a rather large anxiety monster.. it may take several brews to get rid of this thing. But it's worked in the past!

  • 66w ago treetalker treetalker

    @conjurenjoy really! Melatonin gives me some weird dreams. Valerian typically numbs them a bit.

  • 66w ago conjurenjoy conjurenjoy

    @treetalker valerian and melatonin mess with me. I just dream like crazy no matter what I guess.. unless I'm drinking bourbon, so I just deal😅

  • 66w ago treetalker treetalker

    @conjurenjoy I take 5htp nightly and that has helped in the past.. I'm blaming all his nighttime crazy on the eclipse.

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