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Probably gunna go back to fallout 4 today in between working on cosplay. I never finished it 😣

Any fallout fans? What did you think of fallout 4? •

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  • 67w ago ltdarius_c ltdarius_c

    Never played it Cos I don't wanna fall into the same hole when I started skyrim... Yet! On another note, you're gorgeous as always, Fae 😍 have a wonderful weekend, miss! 😄

  • 67w ago fae.cosplay fae.cosplay

    @ltdarius_chen Thank you and you too! 😊 It definitely is a deep hole lol. So many hours....

  • 67w ago darim90 darim90

    Sight for sore eyes after a meh day. As for Fallout 4, surprisingly never got into it, and I hope I don't get any pitchforks and torches after me now that I've said that 😅

  • 67w ago iamroyank iamroyank

    I haven't finished 4 either, but it's ok from what I've played. Fucking Deathclaws...3 is my favorite though

  • 67w ago kirishima_.eijiro kirishima_.eijiro

    I just started a new Fallout 4 game and I still LOVE that game

  • 67w ago fae.cosplay fae.cosplay

    @darim90 haha! No pitchforks just torches 😜

  • 67w ago fae.cosplay fae.cosplay

    @iamroyank mother...fucking...deathclaws. 3 is my favorite as well.

  • 67w ago fae.cosplay fae.cosplay

    @ja_n___ getting me pretty excited to jump back into it! :)

  • 67w ago deno8818 deno8818

    Amazing 🖤

  • 67w ago angrylittlegartho angrylittlegartho

    You gonna be streaming tonight at all? I've got a fist full of rum and nothing else to watch 😉

  • 67w ago redbull008695 redbull008695

    Beautiful eyes

  • 67w ago streetsofrage69 streetsofrage69

    About to play it, fallout 3 was my all time fave game on ps3

  • 67w ago darjanator darjanator

    I can't play it because I never get anything done. I just build a more elaborate base and put all the loot into building resources...

  • 67w ago fae.cosplay fae.cosplay

    @angrylittlegartho probably not tonight. What kind of rum you sporting though? 🙂

  • 67w ago fae.cosplay fae.cosplay

    @darjanator haha I feel you! I always get sidetracked with missions.

  • 67w ago angrylittlegartho angrylittlegartho

    @fae.cosplay Aw, shame. I've missed the last few. Being in the UK sucks for that. I'm treating myself to a few too many glasses of Carta Fuego tonight, you like rum?

  • 67w ago jlsoto11678 jlsoto11678

    Looking gorgeous @fae.cosplay and i thought it was great you should stream it once youre done with dark souls! For a bit at least

  • 66w ago kirishima_.eijiro kirishima_.eijiro

    How much did you played yet and what is your favourite faction so far? And what is your favourite Fallout Game?

  • 66w ago scumgods scumgods

    i love fallout 1 & 2, i finished fallout 4 and actually did not enjoy it very much... it was good as an 'FPS with crafting' but i approached it hoping for an actual Fallout RPG (how naive of me) and ended up quite disappointed :( will always go back to F2!

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