Instagram post by @_om__nom_ Ginetto Villalobos

My family in Mexico found this dog in Tijuana yesterday, they didn't know what to do with him, he was flea infested, had a lot of ticks, scars and open wounds all over his body. He looked like an old dog that had a rough life. My dad paid for them to take him to a Vet, where he got his shots, a flea bath, a medicated bath, treatment for his ticks and antibiotics for his wounds. Turns out, he is probably only a year old. The vet says his scars are consistent with dog fighting scars, he is small, so they used him as bait to train the big dogs to kill. He somehow escaped, I wish he could tell us his story. For now, he is with us, happy, clean and with the biggest smile I have ever seen on a puppy. Let's put an end to dog fighting. Evil comes in many forms, we can overcome it one good deed at a time. #stopdogabuse #stopdogfighting #aspca #veterinarian #rescuedog #rescue #rescuedogsofinstagram #rescuepits #animals #dogs #doglovers #sarahmclaughlinisright #changetheworld @aspca @rescuepetsofinstagram @susiesseniordogs @loveleorescue @maedayrescue


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