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Instagram post by @_.celebi._ 👑Pokemon Account👑

Best gym ever👌😂 Where you can avoid al pokemon trainers... what gym you love the most?

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  • 30w ago thepressurefelp thepressurefelp

    Many of the first gyms in pokemon are made for newbies so you can avoid all but the leader, btw I love plubios one, the one with cracked ice!

  • 30w ago futuregaming101 futuregaming101

    You can do same in first gym of Ruby/Sapphire

  • 30w ago onizuka_nda_77 onizuka_nda_77

    Arene frimapic ... Ice challenger in sinnoh (diamant )

  • 30w ago tijmenknol tijmenknol

    But wer my remakes at tho

  • 30w ago canijustgodienowrealquick canijustgodienowrealquick

    Canalave and Hearthome.....steel and ghost are my babies

  • 30w ago santiagorsosa_champa santiagorsosa_champa

    Clermont gym

  • 30w ago irritated.liam irritated.liam

    Crasher Wake!!

  • 30w ago brendan_pokemontrainer brendan_pokemontrainer

    Hoen region norman normal type gym

  • 30w ago awesome_sauce2131 awesome_sauce2131

    Ayyy I'm playimg Pokémon Diamond right now 😂

  • 30w ago moony.the.darewolf moony.the.darewolf

    I always fight the Pokemon trainers

  • 30w ago b0oterzgaming b0oterzgaming

    Yea I had that gym like 2 days ago 😂😂

  • 30w ago guadalupe__022 guadalupe__022

    I guess the last gym in Gen three, you can avoid all the trainers if you are smart, but if your not, too bad, lol best gym for me

  • 30w ago peytoneckerley peytoneckerley

    I love that game sooo much Pokémon rule

  • 30w ago ellio__marx_3.14159265 ellio__marx_3.14159265

    Olivine in hg/as. Everyone says something like"thanks for fixing the lighthouse, hur dur go on ahead!"

  • 30w ago thegoodbye0312 thegoodbye0312

    Party like is 1927 has a whole new meaning

  • 30w ago blairp274 blairp274

    Pastoria Gym. I love it so much!!!

  • 30w ago silverjuiceboxx silverjuiceboxx

    The first gyms in Red/Blue and Ruby/Sapphire are also rock type gyms where you can avoid all of the trainers.

  • 30w ago taii_jon taii_jon


  • 30w ago _thatsbattle_ _thatsbattle_

    Morthy is My favorite gym leader. But straiaton gym is My favorite!

  • 30w ago hamster_chan16 hamster_chan16


  • 30w ago scott11221 scott11221

    why tf would you want to avoid the trainers tho?

  • 30w ago aether.cutie aether.cutie

    The Gym in Laverre City 🌸

  • 30w ago gio_vdb_045 gio_vdb_045

    pokemon platinum

  • 30w ago camstagram1_ camstagram1_

    Mistralton city gym!

  • 30w ago sameer.v2 sameer.v2

    @scott11221 it's annoying they damage your Pokemon then you have to go all the way back and heal them and come back and fight even more trainers

  • 30w ago scott11221 scott11221

    @art_sameer what's more annoying is not being able to beat the final trainers because your pokemon aren't leveled up enough from beating trainers

  • 30w ago pokpach_ pokpach_

    I always fight with them haha! My Sinnoh's favorite gym is the grass-type one and my favorite Pokémon Gym ever is the poison-type from Unova region

  • 30w ago backwards_rebel backwards_rebel

    Casttelia city gym bw2

  • 30w ago j0sh.gamer j0sh.gamer

    I love all the sinnoh gyms

  • 30w ago exorberola exorberola

    Blackthrorn city gym is pretty neat

  • 30w ago jaymz._ jaymz._

    Nimbasa gym, especially emolga

  • 30w ago janseniris52 janseniris52

    The first gym rock the fight gym wife lucario i love lucario

  • 30w ago theicewerewolf theicewerewolf

    I love Ramos' gym (because Grass is my favorite Type)

  • 30w ago theicewerewolf theicewerewolf

    Sinnoh gym: I like Fantina's gym

  • 30w ago mjdcx_ mjdcx_

    Why would you avoid the trainers? I mean I hate them too but easy way to level up your Pokémon team. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • 29w ago deeesama deeesama

    I kinda love all them.

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