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Instagram post by @zoezapparoli Zoe Zapparoli

Journalling to makes sense of the latest internal shifts.
Rattled by the wisdom that comes from a place deeper than tangible logic.
Absolutely; everything - ends.
Absolutely; everything - changes.
We are...
Everything is...
In a constant cycle of death and rebirth.
Impermanence is a natural state of order and being.
I've journey'd to the depths of love and relating with this sense of non attachment.
Healing and profound...
My self reliance and independence has cast yet another humanly shadow.
A sense of shielded resistance.
To a deeper opening.
A deeper state of surrender.
The cap..
To resist the state of complete oneness with pure love. 
Why am I so scared?
Because its where I meet my own death.
The death of my ego.
And everything that I identify with being.
Who am I without that?
Who am I under that?
Free of question.
Free of projection.
Free of fear.
Free of a lifetime of conditioned distortion. 
The reality.
A paradox.
I am an earthly illusion.
I've felt the power of the undercurrent in this space...
I've felt the physiological effect in my body.
It's in this state of purity that I've touched my deepest longing.
To be met.
To be chosen.
To be loved.
And ravished.
From this space...
Beyond the me-ness and you-ness as we seemingly know it.
It's where my body, my sex, my heart, my consciousness aches to be claimed by a force stronger than myself.
I've never felt it this loud.
I feel you close.
I feel you there.
I drop my shield.
I let go.
To me.
I open.
To you.
I open.
To love.

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