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Today we have delivered this brand new Quadzilla Wolf XL to Kerrith Brown and his family.
Kerrith is the IMMAF - International Mixed Martial Arts Federation president and competed in the Olympic games in 1984 winning bronze in Judo.
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#drivesafe and have fun!

Thanks ASJ Motorcycle Transport for your great services.

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  • 54w ago scottishbeardman scottishbeardman

    @whateverwheels looks absolutely Stunning. Do you make/source similar products to this one that are electric powered. My son has an Oset. And due to his mental health some noises can be overwhelming. Any ideas? Thanks

  • 53w ago whateverwheels whateverwheels

    @scottishbeardman unfortunately we do not offer an electric alternative as none of our suppliers do. This may be something made available closer to Christmas or going forward into next year. @quadzillaquads @quadzillaquadsuk

  • 53w ago scottishbeardman scottishbeardman

    @whateverwheels thank you for reply. I will keep my fingers crossed that a brand eventually creates one 🤞🏽

  • 53w ago whateverwheels whateverwheels

    @scottishbeardman With cars and some Motorcycles now going that direction eventually the buggy aspect will follow. We do sell a very popular children's electric motorbike with zero sound if these would interest you?

  • 53w ago scottishbeardman scottishbeardman

    @whateverwheels thank you for your reply. My son owns an OSET motorbike. Thank you for giving us an option 😊👍🏼


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