Instagram post by @sfhfc St Francis Hospice for Cats

Here is Sylvester, another of our foster cats. Sylvester came to SFHFC due to being FIV+. A few years ago he was diagnosed as having a deep routed ear tumour/polyp. Our vet Abdul operated on Sylv's ear back in June 2015, he was able to remove a large part of it although we knew it would grow back.
Over the past couple of weeks Katrina had concerns with Sylv's ear. Katrina has done a great job as she has continued to bathe his ear and administer any medication when he has needed it. Last week after visibly seeing a change in his ear Katrina booked Sylv in to go to the vets. Abdul was able to remove a large section of the polyp but not all of it as it's routed in. We know that in time this will continue to grow but presently Sylv is happy and comfortable and in very good hands with his foster Mum Katrina giving him all the love and fuss that any cat could ever wish for.

Keep strong Sylvester 💜.

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