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Instagram post by @kitiyapalaskas Kitiya Palaskas

Heading back to Melbourne today after an amazing week at the Adobe Make It conference! Thank you so much to super legend @flyntracy and to @Adobe for putting on such a killer show and inviting me to be part of it. I always have a great time at conferences because I meet so many inspiring people, @mrjamesnoble, @buck_design, @timothygoodman, @ngaio_, @furrylittlepeach - you are awesome! Also thank you to everyone who came to my talk, watched from overseas on the live stream, sent me encouraging messages or came up and talked to me during the conference, I'm so glad that you dig my work and appreciate your support so much. Peace out Sydney! ✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾#makeitapac .
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  • 7w ago furiouslydrawncocks furiouslydrawncocks

    Are there any clips or full thing available online anywhere?

  • 7w ago mollyatoby mollyatoby

    You were really amazing to listen to, a huge inspiration πŸ™ŒπŸ»

  • 7w ago ieyeaye ieyeaye


  • 7w ago flyntracy flyntracy

    You rocked! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • 7w ago jodiwan.kenobi jodiwan.kenobi

    You bloody rockstar @kitiyapalaskas 😘😘

  • 7w ago jonagrey jonagrey

    rad talk!

  • 7w ago sundayslove sundayslove

    Wow! Amazing stuff @kitiyapalaskas 😍I love your work!

  • 7w ago sherwoodnorth sherwoodnorth


  • 7w ago __mainiac __mainiac

    YOU GO GURL πŸŽˆπŸŽˆπŸ’―πŸ’―

  • 7w ago furrylittlepeach furrylittlepeach

    U R A ⭐️

  • 7w ago spenceroni spenceroni

    Killed it! πŸ™ŒπŸ»

  • 7w ago jen.such jen.such

    Loved your presentation, watched it from Brissie! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  • 7w ago shlkv shlkv


  • 7w ago christinatsi_ christinatsi_

    You were so much fun to watch and it was so lovely to meet you! ☺️

  • 7w ago ajdj ajdj

    Rock that madonna mic girl!! Xx

  • 7w ago amysqurrl amysqurrl

    Awesome Kit! Will there be a video we can watch online?

  • 7w ago pieholcombe pieholcombe

    Incredible @kitiyapalaskas 😍😍😍

  • 7w ago threetidesartisan threetidesartisan

    Good job Kit! Looks like you nailed it!

  • 7w ago ruthiv ruthiv

    Well done, looks amaze⚽️! You rock🌟!

  • 7w ago markconlan markconlan

    Great talk Kitiya πŸ™Œβ˜€οΈ

  • 7w ago juleber juleber

    Love your colourful posts Kit! πŸ’›

  • 6w ago saskiadesign saskiadesign

    Thanks for the excellent talk! When is your pinata book coming out!? I would love to buy it

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