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Behind every #zaikia, is a zai God. Do you know this God?
Shaun (NYC) shares his story:
"Becoming a professor was my aspirations, because it pays really well. I was attracted by the high pay, 6k to 13k, or so I was told. Also the perks that come with it, such as living in comfort, providing for my loved ones and even finding a life partner, attracted me all the more.
It's my nature to feel in control, so I believed that I had to fight for myself to get what I need, so that I could reach my goal of becoming a professor. I would meet my professors regularly not just to discuss the semester’s content, but also to talk about how to pursue a Masters or PhD. I would buy textbooks for most modules, including electives, and would seek out seniors for extra guidance. .
I was caught up in the rat race. And the problem with the rat race is that I'm still a rat even if I win. .
As I pursued Him more, I came to understand that besides being in control of everything, He is also a God who cares for me and wants to mould me into a better person. I saw that there wasn't a need fight for what I want, because He provides what I need. .
Gradually, I realised that I began to rely less on myself as I entered into a new place with more of Him. I choose to trust in His sovereignty and follow His leading, even if it means changing my plans along the way."
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