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Adventure Ralf! Kayaking on the river next to our campsite near #Brno
We are very behind on our social posts for various reasons - blog post coming soon to explain more! Expect a deluge of catch-up posts over the next few days.

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  • 54w ago lcraigie lcraigie

    Hey how are those car top tents?? Im scared id collapse the roof. Im literally getting anxiety just typing this.

  • 54w ago popoff_v popoff_v

    @lcraigie This one is part of the van and is stock for the VW campers since forever. The roof can't collapse, because the tent is the roof :)

  • 54w ago rolling_round rolling_round

    @lcraigie the roof is very strong and in the heat wave we're having they are the coolest places to be. all flynetted, it's like sleeping outside! Hope your well and up to your usual mischief!

  • 53w ago timbraider timbraider

    Brno, nice, i actually know someone from there. Lovely green area!


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