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A stable funding base allows the We Animals team to plan and carry out investigations all over the world. The goal of this project has always been to shine a light on the animals whose suffering is hidden in plain sight all around us. The billions of farmed animals confined in windowless barns. Foxes and mink locked in cages on remote fur farms. Performing animals whose hours of painful training, stressful transport, and dark living spaces we never see.
If you can, please become a supporter today. Every contribution helps me and my team expose cruelty and tell the stories of animals who need our help.
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Fox cubs. Europe, 2012.

Jo-Anne McArthur/@theghostsinourmachine


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  • 2w ago von_teal von_teal

    No doubt murdered now. The poor beings - he or she is missing an ear πŸ˜” they are so beautiful to the eye. There eyes speak to you in so many ways. You do a brilliant job bringing all this injustice to light @weanimals

  • 2w ago miss__mathilde miss__mathilde


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  • 2w ago helenakroli helenakroli

    They are so beautiful and deserve to live and be free just like us!!! πŸ˜πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ˜’

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  • 2w ago grngrl033 grngrl033

    Say no way, never ever, to fur - it equals cruelty, suffering, and torture. Stop animal suffering for all animals.

  • 2w ago genny_the_cat_lady genny_the_cat_lady

    #makefurhistory 😞😞😞

  • 2w ago shopkittenandpooch shopkittenandpooch

    This makes my heart so sad 😭 look at his ear poor angels

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