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Repost from @cyogalab using @RepostRegramApp - Here you have it, one last time, August’s challenge #DontCallMeBaby: I felt it was due a #yogachallenge where we could work, for almost a month, on the ‘baby’ versions of arm balances as well as Forearmstand. Whether you want to acquire more strength, learn new variants to arm balances and inversions, you have wrist issues, mental blockages or fears of falling, the idea is that, by the end of it, you’ll have developed and outgrown some/all of those issues, you’ll feel stronger, more confident, bendier, wiser and you’ll have a bigger database of poses to practice (or teach) so you can access them as needed. If you’ve ever done a ‘baby’ #armbalance you probably know there’s nothing ‘simpler’ about it, often times, it requires more flexibility, core engagement or upper body strength, but you're also closer to the ground so it puts the mind at ease and helps us develop the confidence necessary to dare to think ‘we CAN’. As usual:

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3️⃣ Participate and post frequently!! 🔀 I’ll be giving detailed instructions, modifs, tips and more on a daily basis. Emma @emma.rhiannon and Paloma @palomahuner will be helping with even more alternatives to practice and, at the end, we’ll provide the winners with some awesome gift packages. Besides us, @elementofsri will sponsor with amazing malas and bracelets...📿 Our first post in a few hours... Get ready!

So psyched! These yoga challenges are so invigorating and engaging. One of the ways in which I love on this body and this life...#selflove #theselfloveguru @mariaufenton @chicstina @lovegamesinc

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