Instagram post by @sfhfc St Francis Hospice for Cats

Yesterday was an extremely difficult and sad day as we said goodbye to our adorable foster cat Ace.
Ace hadn't been himself over the weekend so Kaz took him to the vets yesterday morning. Abdul had concerns and kept Ace in after finding a lump. After considering a couple of options Abdul had felt it best to operate. The lump was sadly a tumour and was attached to his spleen. Abdul was able to remove this but sadly Ace suffered complications while being bought out of anaesthetic and following the operation Ace sadly didn't come round.

This has been heart breaking for Kaz who had fostered Ace nearly three years ago. Over this time Ace has enjoyed good health and has had the chance to live out a very happy and normal life with Kaz, something that not all cats with FIV are able to do.
The suddenness of this has been a terrible shock. He was such a loveable boy who since living with Kaz had never shown any signs of ill health.
Kaz, you did a wonderful thing by opening your home to Ace in order that he could experience a normal loving life, with many many tummy rubs and happy times along the way. We thank you for that and want you to know that our loving thoughts are with you. πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”


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