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Peel night at #BellusAcademy 🙌🏾🔥 I'll be doing a pumpkin peel from @dermodality #H2T, then two passes of #SalicylicAcid from @dermodality and top with one pass of #Retinol, also from #Dermodality 🤗🔥 Her skin will be glowing in a few days. This is my favorite part of #Esthetics! The relaxation part is cool, but I prefer RESULTS🙌🏾 After the 2 passes of Salicylic Acid, her face was extracting itself.
P.S. The ashy spots on her face are completely normal. It's called frosting. Frosting indicates epidermolysis which is the splitting of the epidermis from the dermis resulting in peeling and crusting of the skin during and after the peel. This basically means her skin will peel, making room for new, fresh skin cells. 👶🏻
#InstantResults If you're interested in a #ChemicalExfoliation, text/DM/Call me to book.
#JoycieJoe #BeautyXJoycette #Esthetician #SkinCare #RESULTS #PeelsAreLife #LetMeTouchYourFace 🤗


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