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Gwendolyn Stacy's eating disorder.
{trigger warning !! Also, I am not trying to glamorize/glorify bulimia. I am also not trying to stigmatize bulimia, for more information on bulimia and eating disorders go to }
A one shot !!
Not many people knew what gone on in Gwendolyn Stacy's mind. The small and smart blonde was beyond genius. (At least according to Peter.) She had a job at Oscorp, which after college could later become a career. She had received a full ride scholarship to Oxford, the university of her dream. She was accomplishing things; things she had always wanted to do. She was newly engaged, her and Peter would be getting married before school began. They would move to England together, and hopefully start a family. Gwen was trying to be happy, she should be. Yet, she wasn't. There was something in her, some terrible, horrible thing that was going on in her mind. The small, young, and so called beautiful girl. (As Peter called her.) Had a mental illness, an eating disorder. It started out in the eighth grade, when the popular girls began to notice her. The girl's were cruel, and would comment on her weight. Yet her body type was average, nothing about it was "fat" or "overweight". She knew anorexia would be too risky and noticeable, yet bulimia could be secret and silent.. it was a silent killer. Gwen had started it, and she couldn't stop. It lasted until her senior year, with only a month left. Peter could tell, he was always so worried about her.. he would always ask about it or try to bring it up, sadly she wouldn't speak of it. With only one month of high school left, Gwen Stacy was hospitalized. It had become a habit, her body to not accept food and just throw it up by habit. Her body couldn't get nutrients, so she fainted. Peter had found her, instantly calling an ambulance. Tears falling down his face, his love unconscious. She was forced to eat through a feeding tube, and was so weak. Peter didn't leave her side, not even to sleep. Peter Parker was Gwen Stacy's hope; she had to hold on to him.



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