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I read a quote recently that said "You can always see what you'll lose when you take a leap, but you can never see what you might gain." This rings especially true for us now, as @heyrayrod and I are making the move to Crested Butte, Colorado. This has been a dream of ours for a long time, and it's finally happening! Austin has been good to us, and it will be sad to leave our amazing community of friends. We promise to return often, and will still be taking seasonal work in Texas. May the next chapter of life begin. #coloradolife


  • 42w ago alyaga alyaga

    Great choice! Colorado is getting a good one. Sorry, Austin!

  • 42w ago edsel edsel

    That's freakin exciting man! Such a beautiful place. Godspeed! 👊🏼

  • 42w ago grandefetedesign grandefetedesign


  • 42w ago rsalas705 rsalas705

    Dude, that's legit! Hopefully we will be with you in the next few years!

  • 42w ago dsledge10 dsledge10

    You shot my daughters wedding (march 2016) and did such an amazing job. I LOVE your style and everything you did. Very exciting for you to make this move. Congrats!

  • 42w ago robaugust robaugust

    I'll miss ya out here but I'm always for someone taking a big leap!

  • 42w ago deleighhermes deleighhermes

    Can't wait to visit!

  • 42w ago tpisano10 tpisano10

    You decided to do it! Awesome. Congrats to you both on this amazing adventure! What a place to live!

  • 42w ago arkieyogi arkieyogi

    I was just there! Next time jesse and I are there, we should ride bikes!

  • 41w ago lynnern57 lynnern57

    Good luck!

  • 41w ago geoffduncan geoffduncan

    @arkieyogi heck yeah! Let me know. That would be awesome.

  • 41w ago whyboghdady whyboghdady


  • 41w ago 12ounceapp 12ounceapp


  • 41w ago thatonevibe thatonevibe

    enjoy those mountains! 🗻 and all the plants 🌱 😜

  • 41w ago stardeviaje stardeviaje

  • 38w ago liveagreatstory liveagreatstory

    Crested Butte is definitely a wonderland in the summer and winter! Can't pass it up ! ☀️🗻❄️

  • 36w ago whitelabeljuiceco whitelabeljuiceco


  • 36w ago amythaan amythaan


  • 35w ago inkedfingers inkedfingers

    Woah~~ ✨✨✨

  • 20w ago katiesolsen katiesolsen

    Gorgeous shot!

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