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Here's footage from this weekend's historic 'Super League Live I' in #lasvegas hosted by the #president of #superleaguelive @thedorianyates!

Super League is where form meets function and congrats to @jea.jung and @cityathleticclub for creating and putting on such an amazing showcase of SUPERHUMAN competitors! 💪🏼 Super League II has been announced and you can learn more below!
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On less than 2 weeks notice, @fbaftermath signed on for SL1 and posted an Output Quotient that shattered the ceiling of what we thought was humanly possible.
Our mission is to find the SuperHumans of planet Earth, and we're finding them. We challenge anyone to take the title of from this incredible champion. Arena is right here.
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・・・ world pro heavyweight champion 🔥🔥... it was a blast, hell when you have @mikeohearn in your face you have to choice but to push limits and that day I did. Was an awesome competition. Where I failed is my body composition so I have to make it for it with strength on the score board. But next time I will for sure work in that and come in more beastly... USA VS Brazil in September. Thank you @stanefferding @thedorianyates @jea.jung for this awesome beastly event. #like #comment #instadaily #tagafriend #teamla

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