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Instagram post by @sik_usa λ°•ν˜•μ‹βœ¨Park Hyungsik USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

[2017.07.31 Hyung Sik safely arrived home at Incheon Aiport from Taiwan.] And we are stripped from even seeing his beautiful eyes!!!! Isn't it just great?? πŸ˜”
#Repost thanks to @phs_lover!
#parkhyungsik #λ°•ν˜•μ‹


  • 16w ago rikacwerika rikacwerika


  • 16w ago rikacwerika rikacwerika

    i'm very saddddd

  • 16w ago ybethsabal1 ybethsabal1

    Thanx god that he arrived safe

  • 16w ago rikacwerika rikacwerika

    what wrong with hyung sik

  • 16w ago sik_usa sik_usa

    @rikacwerika I don't think there's anything wrong with him, I just think his new Agency is over protective!! Glad he landed safely but they really go over the board with covering him up ...

  • 16w ago rikacwerika rikacwerika

    its official tryp why he must put on the mask.its no point he hide his face.everybody can recognise him.cause people around him also we ready familiar with them.why hyung sik aaaa....we really want to see you happy smiling face.that the only way to cure up our sikness of you.if like this you keep your fan being sick.

  • 16w ago rikacwerika rikacwerika

    @sik_usa i'm happy for him.his fm was succes..and happy to know reach home safely.but sad thinking about he always put on his mask .

  • 16w ago rikacwerika rikacwerika

    should we all fan wear mask too at airport to greet him? ( be NinjaSikkieSoldier πŸ˜†πŸ˜’)

  • 16w ago sik_usa sik_usa

    @rikacwerika I totally would wear the same mask to greet him at the airport or anywhere else 😭....he/UAA needs to feel what we feel!

  • 16w ago stefaniewong stefaniewong

    It's getting annoying!!!

  • 16w ago sik_usa sik_usa

    @stefaniewong Majority feeling the same...it's difficult for us take since he weren't into covering him in the past. Why start now?? We've seen all his imperfections...if the point is to "discourage" fans from approaching him ...the point also extends to discourage fans from feeling close to him. πŸ˜”

  • 16w ago justkieky justkieky

    I want to see him going around without mask ☹️

  • 16w ago puterisyamimie puterisyamimie

    I even cant see his beautiful eyes NOWDAYS....It's a must to wear the mask since his name very known now???? BUT SADLY TO ALMOST OF HIS FANS THAT WANT HYUNGSIK 'UNCOVERED & SMILING FACE WHILE WAVING TO HIS FANS....'

  • 16w ago stefaniewong stefaniewong

    @sik_usa sigh!!!

  • 16w ago slinkydaisy slinkydaisy

    Yes here comes the Ninja againπŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  • 16w ago sbj0311 sbj0311

    Someone suggested to me he might have some scary stalkers following him and he doesn't want to show them his face. Still...😒😒😭😭😭 He's obviously well protected by bodyguards. Why, oh why, oh why??? Must you make your fans annoyed with you Hyungsik? No updates, and a ninja. 😭😭😭

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