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New toolbox! It's basically the same as my old one except for the color. Oh and it's twice as big πŸ˜‚#snapontools #krl1032 #krl1232


  • 59w ago madeinlakeorion madeinlakeorion

    Nice !!

  • 59w ago profab profab


  • 59w ago alex_buchka alex_buchka

    Should have gone bigger. Sometimes I doubt your commitment...

  • 59w ago danjreed danjreed


  • 59w ago afazz65 afazz65

    @alex_buchka πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ This isn't even close to the biggest one they make. I'm sure my dealer will start sending me pictures of bigger ones in 6 months.

  • 59w ago ricercordell ricercordell

    If you have no room I'll store your old one in my garage πŸ‘ lol

  • 59w ago

    Love the classic snapon color. Nice choice!

  • 59w ago bbrroocoollii bbrroocoollii

    Nice I have the 1032

  • 59w ago brot80 brot80

    Looks like you have to buy more tools now. I know this upsets you. Lol nice box

  • 59w ago afazz65 afazz65

    @ricercordell I traded it in, my dealer probably already has it sold. He's a shark haha. @brot80 I'm 99% sure my dealer made this bargain in an effort to get me buying tools again. I was out of room and he knew it!

  • 59w ago vintagemetalcraft vintagemetalcraft

    Remortgage the house?

  • 59w ago afazz65 afazz65

    @vintagemetalcraft Haha almost, but it was used plus I had a decent trade-in.


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