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I started my journey in 2009 almost 100lbs overweight after having my son. It took 18 months to lose 80lbs and I spent another 18 months toning up and losing a total of 92lbs.
In 2014 went through a divorce and became a single mom. Through all of that I could've given up and gained the all weight back but I had an online support system and with the help of family I stayed on track. .
💕There are only two options. ☝🏼make progress ✌🏼make excuses. .
I'm looking for Women who are ready to transform their bodies and lose at least 10 pounds. Who've had enough of their excuses and are willing to put in the work. Who need a support system. . ✨You will be provided a 30-day Meal Plan, workout to follow, recipes, daily motivation, weekly challenges, accountability, fun, prizes and you'll have access to a weekly wellness webinar where I teach you all about nutrition and staying motivated while on your journey. It's not about just eating chicken and rice to get a transformation. I never did! You'll learn how to eat what you want in moderation and pair foods for weight loss. Who loves tacos, wine, steak 🤤?
DROP YOUR EMAIL BELOW or DM and I'll get you the details! 💪 *US // Canada // UK only


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