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The New Phantom VIII's Astrology Birth Chart! @rollsroycemedia @spiritofrollsroyce @rollsroyceapac @rollsroyceseoul @rollsroyceindonesia @rollsroycecarsna
Luckily my wife Valentyna is a Highly Intuitive Astrologer, and I could ask her the insight to he taken from the Astrology Birth Chart of the Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII.
So here it goes the personal insight of the Astrologer Valentyna for the Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII:
"Personal growth and change may be a problem due to jobs which can't develop.
Natives of this birthday will enjoy an happy existence. 
They will be extremely well cared but maybe without love, the dark side of luxury.
They will feel boring to transport the same persons to the same places. They will always miss the party and joy of the Bonhams event of his birth. They need Love!" ~ Astrologer Valentyna
Personally, I love that the new Phantom VIII has the Ascendant 1st house in Aquarius like in my own Astrology Birth Chart😋. Maybe we were made for each other😍
I wish that the next baby of Rolls-Royce will follow the most advance laws of Research & Development which is to Just Falling in Love! 
After Falling in Love, it must listen the Goddesses whispering to be ready for conception! After conception then be ready for the Launch in 9 months! For sure it will born in a Golden Cot and it will attract wealthy owners that are seeking the Enlightenment like Buddha! Then it will be the most mysterious, mystical and magical Rolls-Royce of all times, and will honour Eleanor, the model of the Rolls-Royce bonnet ornament: the Spirit of Ecstasy!
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  • 50w ago andoramotta andoramotta

    Que carro lindo, imagina eu e ele andando por Mônaco, nem queria....😁

  • 50w ago

    @andoramotta You are a Lady that brings Good Luck! God Bless You! As they say "Your Wish is my Command"! By the Power of the White Rhythmic Wizard, see you soon in Monaco in a Phantom VIII !

  • 50w ago loving_vibrations loving_vibrations

    What is the first thing that pops into mind when you think about love?

  • 50w ago

    @loving_vibrations please read the chapter 7 of my book/ebook The Mystical Swing (available at Amazon, iTunes, Google Play) and you will get your answer:)

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