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Instagram post by @nintendocollecting Lithium017

It's official. Skylanders have plumetted. Found these at a Dollar store. They had more from Swap Force and even Disney Infinity figures I'd you're looking for some. #skylanders #clearance


  • 16w ago jaxonater_54 jaxonater_54

    I remember back when I was collecting those... that was the time during Giants. Good ol days

  • 16w ago jose_the_person64 jose_the_person64

    YESS I always hated this game

  • 16w ago trunk_fresh_green_offical trunk_fresh_green_offical

    Ah yes my dollar stores look this way too. No Disney infinity just Skylanders. Interesting

  • 16w ago griffiths_callum griffiths_callum

    I hade all of them😢

  • 16w ago jack._.franco jack._.franco

    They have a whole thing of these at five below (which just opened in my town as well)

  • 16w ago scattered_collector scattered_collector

    I can finally buy Crash, Cortex and Spyro

  • 16w ago acartridgegamer acartridgegamer

    No one can support those figures forever. 6-7 years into Skylanders? That's like a million figures.

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