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Zillo Beast:
The Zillo Beast was a gargantuan, semi-sentient reptilian creature native to the planet of Malastare. Believed to be the last of its kind, the Zillo Beast was unearthed by accident when the Grand Army of the Republic used an experimental bomb during the Battle of Malastare. The bomb caused a massive sinkhole that opened up massive underground caverns, allowing the Zillo Beast to travel to the surface. The scales of the Zillo Beast were impervious to blaster rifles, laser cannons and even the Lightsabers of the Jedi Order. The body of the Zillo Beast was long and snakelike, allowing the beast to be very agile and maneuver around many obstacles. The Zillo Beast walked on 2 legs and had 3 arms(the third was located on its back) that all ended with three finger-like appendages. The Zillo Beast also possessed a tail that ended in 8 spikes that were capable of puncturing the armor of capital-class ships. Despite its tough armor, the Zillo Beast was put to sleep on Malastare by stun tanks firing into the small gaps in between the scales of the beast. It was then transported to Coruscant for study, when it broke out of containment to track down Supreme Chancellor Palpatine(whom the beast had identified as the source of its torment) and rampaged through the capital city. The Zillo Beast was killed when toxins were shot into its open mouth and poison entered the beast's body. Bonus Fact: Palpatine had the Zillo Beast secretly cloned, but it is unknown what happened to this clone. The first and only canon appearance of the Zillo Beast is in the Clone Wars TV show. #starwars #starwarstheclonewars #malastare #zillobeast #galacticrepublic #battleofmalastare #coruscant #supremechancellorpalpatine #grandarmyoftherepublic #dailyforcefacts


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    Lol. My brother loves the Zillo beast.

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    Love the zillo beast😍😍😍

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