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  • 43w ago _fightfit_ _fightfit_

    😀 cool

  • 43w ago birthdaynotesaroundtheworld birthdaynotesaroundtheworld

    Hello i hope you dont mind me asking? Iwas wondering if you could help me? Are you still at this location? Im making a birthday gift for my niece with notes from around the world, i cant seem to get one from egypt however and she would really love to visit the pyramids. Was wondering if you would be able to help me, please feel free to visit my page to get a better idea of what i mean or dm me for more details, no worries if you cant as i know its a big ask, thankyou for your time

  • 36w ago mustdotravels mustdotravels

    Wow! Would it be okay if we feature this on our FB and Ig pages and give you proper credits? Thank you @mostafagad12

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