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Instagram post by @loudwire Loudwire

@metallica's James Hetfield speaks on current state of country: "We don't give a s--t about the differences ... all are welcome."


  • 5w ago leguyjumping leguyjumping

    Yeah but what does Corey Taylor have to say about this?

  • 5w ago tigers472 tigers472

    @bman92598 he said it in Houston too

  • 5w ago jake20ferraro jake20ferraro

    Every show they said that

  • 5w ago iansorola iansorola

    He says that at every show

  • 5w ago joshhouston1999 joshhouston1999

    Said it in Vancouver

  • 5w ago nochillgreg nochillgreg

    Hes been saying thay at every show on the tour

  • 5w ago _mattyyy_b_ _mattyyy_b_

    I was fucking there for edmonton

  • 5w ago chris91633 chris91633

    He said it in Montreal

  • 5w ago bretttbb bretttbb

    He said it in LA, says it in EVERY show

  • 5w ago jtelo91 jtelo91

    James Hetfield has always been anti politics he's not fighting racism he's just trying to unit people under one roof through music you people are reading too much into this btw I was at the San Diego show and as I the same thing

  • 5w ago the.minnesota.meme.lord the.minnesota.meme.lord

    Ughhh James you make good music, but it is impossible to unite everyone. Obviously not everyone wants to be united, the Middle East is trying to de westernize, they do not want to be apart of anything to do with us.

  • 5w ago the.minnesota.meme.lord the.minnesota.meme.lord

    Why shouldn't we care about our differences, radical muslims want to kill everyone and most other people don't want to kill others, i would say that is a difference we should care about.

  • 5w ago grimreapergilliam grimreapergilliam

    A musican that only want's to play music strange don't think these new kids Metallica will ever make it.

  • 5w ago rbknap rbknap

    Said the same thing the entire tour. It's nice these days to have rock show just be an 2 hour escape from all the crazy shit in the world.

  • 5w ago ty.fell ty.fell

    Fools, they have been saying this at every show. But it only matters after something serious happens.

  • 5w ago ferjougarte01 ferjougarte01

    Papa Het πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

  • 5w ago the_notorious_v.i.c_ the_notorious_v.i.c_

    he has said that every concert yall do realize this right?

  • 5w ago jayordan182 jayordan182

    Yea he said that in Vancouver too

  • 5w ago metalhorns_eddie metalhorns_eddie


  • 5w ago nickpontemarketing nickpontemarketing


  • 5w ago emegz emegz


  • 5w ago alanmettini alanmettini

    Alguien que sepa ingles, basicamente dijo le dijo no al racismo ?

  • 5w ago harvester.of.sorrow harvester.of.sorrow

    Best introduction. Bellz ❀️

  • 5w ago iasonas.passam iasonas.passam

    It is so important that such a popular figure promotes these messages. You see, he is a big influence to many people, and small children so, he can teach them a bit to love and not hate/be racist.

  • 5w ago luismg1986 luismg1986

    Ignorant artists always say this.. "we don't care" bullshit

  • 5w ago barry_or barry_or

    Country is ok, but pop is not

  • 5w ago _eet.fucc_ _eet.fucc_

    uhhhhh that's actually how they introduce bellz on every show

  • 5w ago dpierrepinto dpierrepinto

    That girl got an horrible voice

  • 5w ago sid_the_skience_kid sid_the_skience_kid

    Okay okay, better than calling Trump a nazi. It's a little generic but I'll take it over some dick head who cries that the government is in control of everyone and think that they're cool for being edgy and hardcore and sticking it to the man who doesn't even know they exist. Cough cough rage against the machine cough cough.

  • 5w ago bobazud bobazud

    @loudwire wow, irresponsible reporting right there, as everyone above has commented he's said this at every show of this tour, it's a different spin on his usual "Metallica family solidarity", how do you get from that to him addressing Charlottesville and current racial unrest? Unbelievable

  • 5w ago mrcarrot88 mrcarrot88


  • 5w ago jonbonaechung jonbonaechung


  • 5w ago jonbonaechung jonbonaechung


  • 5w ago xsupreme412x xsupreme412x

    Fuck the Alt-right and any nazi fuck! FDT

  • 5w ago kay_laurillard kay_laurillard

    @xsupreme412x lmao literally you pretty much just disagreed with James that we're all equal and all are welcome

  • 5w ago kay_laurillard kay_laurillard

    @xsupreme412x ah people on the left

  • 5w ago kay_laurillard kay_laurillard

    And sorry but Jame's speech wasn't to be political, it was focusing on the Metallica family and he fact that he welcomes everyone

  • 5w ago sugaahh sugaahh

    He has been saying this at every show.!.

  • 5w ago sugaahh sugaahh

    I swear the media loves to instigate. Come on loudwire, you are smarter than this!

  • 4w ago d.anny_lt d.anny_lt

    They said that in every show, I went to the show in jersey and he said that lol

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