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Instagram post by @leukoencephalopathy


  • 4w ago lord_of_the_bepis lord_of_the_bepis

    @slick.a.m.m like I said, this post is just flat out wrong

  • 4w ago 09shaggy 09shaggy

    does that mean aliens exist farther than 4.6 billion light years???

  • 4w ago kingbacon51 kingbacon51

    I thought the earth was that old?

  • 4w ago dorextime dorextime

    @zenhookahlounge war u need help with me

  • 4w ago zenhookahlounge zenhookahlounge

    We do not even "appear" to exist . If people put this much thought into memes bet we'd have a better world 🌎

  • 4w ago zenhookahlounge zenhookahlounge

    @dorextime nothing just blocking

  • 4w ago l.e.l_ l.e.l_

    @lmaohassan you can't travel faster than the speed of light

  • 4w ago lmaohassan lmaohassan

    @l.e.l_ I know we cant atm, but do you mean it is theoreically impossible to ever happen or just that we can't or don't know how right now?

  • 4w ago l.e.l_ l.e.l_

    @lmaohassan i think its theoreically impossible to travel faster than the speed of light if you look at what the mankind discovered until now

  • 4w ago l.e.l_ l.e.l_

    @lmaohassan but i personally think that it still could be possible

  • 4w ago juan_sebastian010 juan_sebastian010

    @l.e.l_ As of right now, it's impossible

  • 4w ago m_strieper m_strieper

    This is so stupid.😂😂

  • 4w ago lmaohassan lmaohassan

    @l.e.l_ every 6 months, the discoveries in the world of technology double according to my current events teacher, I think maybe in a few centuries it could be done. Also i meant theoretically

  • 4w ago tyler_case__ tyler_case__

    @m_strieper it's actually true tho cause the light from our solar system hasn't reached them yet

  • 4w ago tyler_case__ tyler_case__

    And for aliens 3 billion light years away, while they can see our solar system they see what it looked like 3 billion years ago, so to them earth would look like a red hot hell planet

  • 4w ago tyler_case__ tyler_case__

    I think this is why aliens always come to earth but leave afterwards, they come here thinking we still primitive af and they like "damn this gon be easy" But when they get there they're like "OH SHIT FUCKING TURN BACK THEY'VE EVOLVED"

  • 4w ago dariusdadist dariusdadist

    Rule #1 and #2!!! smh fam

  • 4w ago king.26.84 king.26.84

    Good point

  • 4w ago danilaugenvestnes danilaugenvestnes

    W O K E

  • 4w ago is.sproot is.sproot

    Why dont they cum here then

  • 4w ago is.sproot is.sproot


  • 4w ago nick_apac nick_apac

    That's like the edge of the universe

  • 4w ago ueffe.ueffin ueffe.ueffin

    @lmaohassan If you travelled faster than light, you would travel in darkness.

  • 4w ago jerryrubinartwork jerryrubinartwork

    So much for alien visitations and goodnight Roswell.

  • 4w ago annaxx112 annaxx112

    Yay now I'm having an existential crisis

  • 4w ago that_one_failed_meme that_one_failed_meme

    Unless they can create wormholes

  • 4w ago jeffrey_salguero08 jeffrey_salguero08

    @lord_of_the_bepis @slick.a.m.m its the distance light travels in a year

  • 4w ago slick.a.m.m slick.a.m.m

    @jeffrey_salguero08 yeah, distance.

  • 4w ago kk.yle_ kk.yle_

    universe is only 2017 years old??

  • 4w ago lord_of_the_bepis lord_of_the_bepis

    @jeffrey_salguero08 I know that, I was saying that

  • 4w ago toiletpaperboiii toiletpaperboiii

    the sad part is pretty much no one on here knows just how far 4.6 billion light years is, it's far af, our milky way is fucking huge and it's only 100,000 light years across.

  • 4w ago xx69cancer420xx xx69cancer420xx

    this confuses me

  • 4w ago insecure.comic insecure.comic

    Holy fucking shit that's crazy

  • 4w ago l.e.l_ l.e.l_

    @juan_sebastian010 yea i know that

  • 4w ago l.e.l_ l.e.l_

    @lmaohassan that would be cool, but I'm pretty sure that I'm not alive at that point anymore, even if the medicine is getting better in the following years. And as Einstein said, if a WW3 will come we will fight with stones and sticks in the fourth one.

  • 4w ago _nic_ortiz _nic_ortiz

    Man life is pretty pointless

  • 4w ago andrewnelson andrewnelson

    Per this way of ideology they would not exist to us either so this statement would be inaccurate, the concept of time and distance are not interchangeable

  • 4w ago assimilation_official assimilation_official

    That is sick!

  • 4w ago obrien.obrien obrien.obrien

    @kk.yle_ you're kidding right...

  • 4w ago kk.yle_ kk.yle_

    @obrien.obrien Not at all, why would we document the beginning of time less than 0? The universe clearly started at time period 0, therefore it is 2017 years old about to be 2018

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