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Is disaster only a click away? @sue_scheff wrote a book on it! Let me know if you think yes.
I received an early copy and feeling like this should be required reading.
Inspiration to open our eyes and be better.
Between screenshots, revenge porn and real time impulse driven social media posts, how do we manage the liability?
Preorder this book on Amazon now for insight on how to manage psychological warfare in social media.
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  • 68w ago guisegroup guisegroup

    like it !!!!

  • 67w ago digitalsecurity digitalsecurity

    How are you finding the book? Interesting how people feel safe to offend others behind a screen. We have to remember whatever we do online is the same as #irl therefore has a real world world impact. Lots of lessons to be learned.

  • 65w ago theclueng theclueng

    Next book to get my hands on, thanks for sharing.

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