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πŸŒ™ This Eclipse πŸŒ™ I've been at a loss for words lately. But this doesn't mean I have been silent. The soul deep conversations I've had within my community have helped me weather this emotional storm as we face more horrendous acts of fear than I ever would have imagined for my lifetime. Where do we go from here? How do we heal, progress, and guide others to do the same? This Eclipse is a a collective Phoenix Rising- and I am feeling the burn this week. More than ever I feel my old self slipping away minute by minute, rapidly, overwhelmingly as I look ahead. But as this old form disappears I have no fear of what comes next- I am ready to rise, not just for myself, but as the next level of consciousness for all πŸ”₯
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Words by @mazadohta πŸ’Ž
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