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Balls deep ripping apart a $45,000 ski tuning machine. Fingers crossed. #montana #MontanaNA #stonegrinder #crystalinline #skituning #shit #ohshit #shitballs #fuckfuckfuckityfuckfuck


  • 48w ago jurassic_cactus jurassic_cactus


  • 48w ago dildodahh dildodahh

    @jurassic_cactus Mmhmmm

  • 48w ago jamron77 jamron77

    Are you certified on that thing!? Fingers good

  • 48w ago dildodahh dildodahh

    @jamron77 Yeah luckily I'm just refitting the pneumatic lines and doing a major cleaning... I still have all my fingers for now 🤘

  • 48w ago dylan.h.r dylan.h.r

    I believe in your victory

  • 48w ago wlattea wlattea

    I'm a little nostalgic thinking about all the p tex for jerry and the fng getting ready to restack the boots haha.. Miss ya brehh 🍺 🍺

  • 48w ago spart64 spart64

    @wlattea I am also nostalgic. When are we gonna ride again? It's been too long

  • 48w ago stnkygrngo stnkygrngo

    Hustle up...I need to tune my boards!

  • 43w ago dildodahh dildodahh

    @wlattea not sure how I missed this but right back at ya homie!! Nothing has changed.. for better or worse 😂

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