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"12" Years Old: I Don't Post The Champ Sparring Anymore! But I Don't Think Showing Me And The Champ Working Hurts! Me And The Champ Always Putting In Work Together! Always Doing Repetition Drills! Sometimes You Just Gotta Put The Gloves On With The Champ!!! #Blessed #TrueChampion#Boxing #HardEarn##Boxeo#Sparring #BoxingWorld#AlwaysWorking #Determined#Discipline #Dedication#HardWork #BoxingLife#DreamTeam #TheBestIsYetToCome #HollisterBoxingAcademy#1 #PeralesBoxing#1 #TEAMTROUBLE#1


  • 44w ago 1223_chrismoto 1223_chrismoto

    U showing the sparring let's everybody see his skills and they will learn from that so I glad u don't show him sparring

  • 44w ago yadds500 yadds500

    I glad u don't show sparring really smart not doing that him wining fights will speak for itself him working hard will show and besides now days if u post sparring u got hundreds of people telling u how to fight and u see all the experts then meanwhile they never laced up a pair or know what it's like to step in the ring have no ring iq then they want criticize everything without making any sense lol so good for u guys keep working

  • 44w ago teamtrouble1 teamtrouble1

    @yadithatandino Thank You👌 👊

  • 44w ago missfitness33 missfitness33

    He is a super skilful kid

  • 44w ago mon.dragon_jr mon.dragon_jr

    #beasts 🔥🔥🔥

  • 44w ago riches__and__gold riches__and__gold

    Wow.... he's looking good though

  • 44w ago boxing_runner boxing_runner

    I wish I could get this in my gym.

  • 44w ago jasonsboxing jasonsboxing

    Very nice 🥊 #teamtrouble1

  • 44w ago jorge.cm98 jorge.cm98

    The kid is very fast !!

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