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Instagram post by @gullythatnigga Young Gully

Blacks against blacks. Cops against blacks. Whites against blacks. Whites against whites. President against everybody lol. Rappers against rappers. Young against old. Friends against friends. Family against family. Broke against rich. Hoes against women who fuck for free. Strippers against women wit regular 9 to 5s. I ain't got shit to say about none of this shit for those wondering. Ima just keep doing me. Don't even comment. I'm hella happy y'all all think y'all better than each other. (EXTREME SARCASM). But when yall die yall all gont be the same. Another dead mothafucka.


  • 31w ago lustful4 lustful4

    "Hegelian Dialectic" youtube it pimp💯

  • 31w ago real_king_jerry real_king_jerry


  • 30w ago re4per916 re4per916

    That why I be by my lonely everyone trying to knock each other down, trying to be better than one another..... I say we all the same no matter wat we do in life, ain't nobody better then know one....... But u kno that ain't nun my bizniz... Aha

  • 30w ago youngziggy youngziggy

    Willie lynch at its finest

  • 30w ago sugarcitygetdown sugarcitygetdown

    Cats dating dogs!!!!

  • 30w ago gullythatnigga gullythatnigga

    @sugarcitygetdown 😂😂😂😂💯

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