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Instagram post by @vault310 Overseer Fina / Gen. Lucilla

I think all this does is increase the level of the shop you invest? Any knowledge in this (personal experiences not Google knowledge I already been there).
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  • 5w ago judasbearextraordinaire judasbearextraordinaire

    Yes! Do it if you have more loot than they have caps. It WILL increase the vendor's total cap-on-hand for subsequent visits. I think they carry better stock as well. More rounds, more valuable junk. Your water purifiers should pay for the caps you invest in no time, or just make them up over time by selling loot.

  • 5w ago wastelandreview wastelandreview

    Wow, someone actually bought that perk?!

  • 5w ago raider_rhee raider_rhee

    Yes it does and it discounts to you as well

  • 5w ago nomadicbikecycler nomadicbikecycler

    They get more money to offer you and prices are better for sales and purchasing

  • 5w ago vx.valentine_ vx.valentine_

    Since when can u do this..

  • 5w ago overbossjoe.photography overbossjoe.photography

    I think it increases the amount of caps they make available from now on

  • 5w ago lachrome_ lachrome_

    I've never seen this before

  • 5w ago epieownz epieownz

    How do you invest

  • 5w ago rtg_hammerhead rtg_hammerhead

    @epieownz once you get the perk for it in the charisma tree, right bumper on xb1 version

  • 5w ago shake_your_phone_ shake_your_phone_

    All it does is give them more caps go back another day and they will still have 500 caps more so you can sell more every time

  • 5w ago epieownz epieownz

    @rtg_hammerhead Ight I'll find out the button on PC jus wanted to know the perk

  • 5w ago rtg_hammerhead rtg_hammerhead

    @epieownz there should be a prompt telling what to hit when you're in the trade menu. It'll be on the bottom right corner of the vendor's list.

  • 5w ago epieownz epieownz

    @rtg_hammerhead Yea there should be

  • 5w ago killspace77 killspace77

    To be honest all I do in fallout 4 is buy the ammo I need and just sell them junk😐😐

  • 5w ago aysontus aysontus

    @vault310 I do believe it is the same as the sky rim perk, it ups the amount of money that the vendor has so you can sell them more stuff

  • 5w ago tpott22 tpott22


  • 5w ago louis.ce louis.ce

    500 more caps for selling stuff to that vendor

  • 5w ago _sucioperro _sucioperro

    Oh so another words..... Ur giving him the cash to trade an make more money..... So we are spending 💰 to make 💰 like a silent partner

  • 5w ago _young_swazy_ _young_swazy_

    How do you invest???

  • 5w ago ___p._s.____ ___p._s.____


  • 5w ago crimzon__ crimzon__

    Eh, why do all this investing when you can kill for caps

  • 5w ago falloutfandomness falloutfandomness

    I think it gives the shop 500 more caps to buy with

  • 5w ago areason548 areason548

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  • 5w ago damnfine_covfefe damnfine_covfefe

    Literally just makes them have 500 more caps at all times. So instead I having around 700 caps he will now have around 1200 on a 24 hour cycle. Works when you're water farming really well

  • 5w ago 98_shades_of_gray 98_shades_of_gray

    Like the others said, it just increases their caps by 500 or so

  • 5w ago man_like_turkey man_like_turkey

    Just increases the amount of caps they have so you can sell more and make bank. Oddly tho, it seems as if the perk is constantly updating. Just after investing vendors had around an 800 cap limit. Now they now have 900-1k

  • 5w ago rasiliezar rasiliezar

    couldnt you invest in fallout 3

  • 5w ago vault310 vault310

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  • 5w ago vault310 vault310

    All of your insight was very helpful. I hadn't known that their cap allowance per trading round was higher each time.

  • 4w ago letsbepresent letsbepresent

    Love it!

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